Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This year's Christmas effort

Nothing like killing three (3!) birds with one stone - Christmas tree, advent calendar and a lesson in Roman numerals:

The "advent bags" are paper bags purchased from a craft store. I printed labels with Roman numerals using my printer and big maths brain. The ribbons tying the bags on had been sewn on the tree last year. Astute readers will notice there are not the traditional 24 advent bags. This is because the craft store ran out of bags, and craft stores in Perth, Western Australia, are few and far between. Thanks to the mining boom, I can buy a diamond ring at the end of my street but not craft supplies! I'll put some bags to double use by putting a number on the back and turning it over after re-filling it.

How did I ensure the number was centred on my cut-out? Easy - use a template you can see through (a glass):

First, check the cut out will fit on what you are gluing it to.

Next, ensure you place the glass evenly over the printed part of the page.

How did it go down?