Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another butterfly cake for Thomas

Last year, when he turned 5, Thomas wanted a cake with butterflies on it. This year he didn't specify what he wanted, so I did! And it's another butterfly cake, but not like the last one.

The chocolate butterflies were piped onto oven paper, then set in the freezer. After spreading chocolate ganache on the cake, the butterflies were simply arranged on top.

In terms of effort versus outcome, this is a winner.  

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A pettiskirt for Ayesha

Anneliese is a very dear friend from my mothers' group, who has now moved a long way away. Anneliese does a lot for other people but rarely has time for herself or anything as fripperous as making a pettiskirt for her daughter, Ayesha, so I thought I'd step in.
As nylon chiffon is next to impossible to get in Australia, this was an experiment using a stretch tulle. It wasn't as "pouffy" as chiffon, but it swings beautifully, as illustrated by eldest son here.