Friday, August 20, 2010

Biscuits for the Greenwich Public School election day cake stall

Saturday 21 August 2010 is Federal Election day in Australia, and as my son's primary school was a polling booth, the P&C decided to have a cake stall to raise funds.

I spent Friday afternoon and evening baking and packaging (chocolate chocolate chip biscuits, peanut butter biscuits, passionfruit yo-yos [melting moments], and, in a fit of enthusiasm, apricot and orange  muffins the next morning!) and the P&C had requested we label items with an ingredients list.

Inspired by a recent posting by Emily of Saltwater Kids, I decided to make really nice labels (and I wasn't about to write out an ingredient list 5 times for my 5 bags of  chocolate chip biscuits!).

Because I had a lot to say on my labels, I only printed and cut 2 from each 10x15 photo (which I printed at home, as it was the night before!).

Thank you Emily, and thank you Craft Gossip for pointing me in her direction.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A sundress for Fiji

Spotlight (left) had some jersey fabric, shirred at the top, and hemmed at the bottom. My friend Sarah bought the red and white stripe, which inspired me to buy the navy and white for a sundress for my Fijian holiday.

Sarah kindly marked the hem for cutting (as I stood, as generations of women having their hems taken up have, on the coffee table - Sarah says with wine glass in hand, but it's not true!).

I used the (copious) offcuts for the straps and frill.

Then off to Fiji for some serious location modelling!