Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Austin's counting book

When my first son, Thomas, was little, I made him a bedtime book as a Kindermusik exercise. One day I'll post some pictures of it - it was a cloth book, sewn of pages with photos and text, printed on fabric. Friends warned me that I was setting myself up for more work - whatever I did for my first I'd have to do for any subsequent children!

Fortunately by the time Austin came along I'd found out you can buy blank board books, and adhesive paper to feed through your printer, and hence this book was born!

It was designed using PhotoShop, then the pages printed on adhesive paper, cut to fit the pages, and stuck on the book.  I did set up some of the shots specifically for the book, but others were ones I had already taken.

First, a few pages in the book:
And here are all the pages: