Sunday, August 12, 2018

Stranger Things birthday card

Image result for demogorgon popMr 14 was off to a teen birthday party and noted that he and some others were going to make handmade cards for the birthday girl ... and see whose she liked best! Challenge accepted! All I know was that she liked Stranger Things. So what else but a pop up Demogorgon card. Just what every girl wants.

I googled "pop up flower card" and followed the instructions to create 7 flowers for the most common flower pop-up card you will find on the net. I printed a A4 page of a "Stranger Things" wallpaper for most of the "flowers" but created an 8-petal flower using Photoshop and this image to create the "petals" for the demogorgon:

The pop up 7-flower cards use an 8-petalled flower from which one petal is removed, and then two petals are overlapped, resulting in a 6-petalled flower. So my demogorgon ended up with 6 "petals" (flanges?) instead of the 5 as pictured. But who's counting?

The other 6 flowers I cut from the Stranger Things wallpaper.

If you make each flower from a 3 inch square, the whole "pop up" arrangement will fit in a traditionally sized greeting card - 4 x 6 inches (A6 envelope size). BUT make your demogorgon from a 4 x 4 inch square so it standout out more.

Finally, a search for "Stranger things" font led me to the Stranger Things Type Generator from which I produced a "Happy Birthday" in the Stranger Things style. Simply download or screenshot, print, cut, paste to front of card:

And voila!