Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cakes fit for a princess

Do you have a little princess in your life?  Here's a simple cake decoration, made with coloured white chocolate, that will (literally) crown your next lot of cupcakes!

Here's the how to:

1. Put jam tart pan (like the one in the picture - the sort with round depressions in it that you would make jam tarts in) in freezer.

2. Melt and colour white chocolate. (For Australian residents, it seems Spotlight now have colours for white chocolate, amongst their party / cake supplies [at least at Birkenhead Point, Sydney]. This colour was achieved using the red.)

3. Put white chocolate in snap lock bag, squeeze out air and seal.

4. Snip corner off bag for piping. If you are concerned about using snap lock bags for piping, the Mega Crafty blog shows you how to reinforce your zip lock bag for piping.

5. Retrieve tart tray from freezer. Pipe a line of chocolate across the deepest part of the pan, side to side.

6. Choose a mid point, and pipe loops above it, starting and finishing on the first line. Continue to pipe loops starting and finishing at roughly the same point. Five or six loops should do it.

7. Pop tray into freezer.

8. In 5 minutes chocolate tiaras should be set, and can be slid from the tray.

9. Make cupcakes, slather on the butter icing, and crown with a tiara. Ta-da!

Thank you to my friend Sarah, who not only (cleverly) had a daughter with a party this weekend, but made the cupcakes and took photos of them.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I made the front page of Babyology!

So, not much "making" as such going on, but a whole lot of self promotion!  My earlier post about Austin's 3rd birthday was turned into an article for Babyology: