Friday, September 25, 2009

A witch's cape for Thomas

Thomas was invited to a fairy party by Sophie Allen, in his class. Surprisingly, he didn't want to go as a fairy, but wanted to go as a witch. Here's how it turned out:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Greenwich Public School's Art Auction

Every second year the school has parents work with children so that each class creates an artwork to be auctioned to raise money for the school's Parents' and Citizens' Association.  I put my hand up to work with Thomas' class, KLM.  At the end of second term (July) a bunch of other Mothers and I helped the children marble paper. We achieved some remarkable pages of colour:
(I wasn't just looking for pink, but when more than half the class is girls, that's what predominates!)

I then scanned the marbled pages and reproduced the marbling on thicker card stock, and, inspired by Catherine Swan's work and emboldened by my earlier attempts at something similar, spent the July school holidays hand cutting butterfly shapes, until I had over 50!

Another Mum and I arranged them, mounting them on rice paper, before framing in a shadow box.

The finished picture was over 1m (3 feet) high by 50cm (one and a half feet wide).

This is the children's reaction when they saw it!

At the auction, it sold for $500!

The most amazing art was produced by other classes, too. These are the artworks from the other two Kindergarten classes:

A collage of wrapping paper torn into small pieces or cut into the shape of children's hands.

A colour blindness test made of painted wooden circles, some of them with children's hand drawings on them.
Greeting cards were also produced of the artworks.
This is the butterfly image from the card: