Saturday, April 1, 2017

Beauty-ful biscuits (cookies)

We've all see time lapse videos of flood icing on cookies (biscuits for the Australians and Europeans reading this), such as this one. Oh, it looks so quick and easy! It's probably a great hobby if you don't have children, or pets, or a house to clean, or meals to cook.... (Having made the dough the night before [maybe 15 minutes work], baking and decorating 20+ cookies took me about 3 hours.)

Never-the-less, I thought I'd give it a go, as I was holding a fundraising movie afternoon screening "Beauty and the Beast" and wanted something special to present to guests... Here's the results:

Fortunately any deficiency in icing technique can be more than overcome by the generous application of decorations (such as these) readily available in most supermarkets:
I used The Decorated Cookie's sugar cookie recipe, and a royal icing recipe from Taste. I whipped the egg white until frothy first, added icing sugar to the desired (flooding consistency) then removed about a quarter of the icing from the bowl, and added more icing sugar to make the icing thicker. I used the thicker icing to pipe an outline, then flooded the outline with the more liquid icing, adding decorations both before and after the flooding.

Wrapped and ready to go:

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  1. You are an amazing and selfless person. I don't know where you find the energy!