Monday, February 20, 2017

Displaying a vintage board game

My 99 year old Nan is determined to die possession-less. She's Marie Kondo-ing with vigour. Luckily I get to intercept some of the stuff, and see if it "sparks joy" with me. This piece did, battered though it is:

 I had an IKEA Ribba shadow-box frame to hand. which fit the board perfectly. I used double-sided tape to secure the board to the back of the cardboard insert in the frame. For a bit of interest, and given I had the depth of the frame to fill, I had my Dad drill a hole in a dice (die), and pushed a nail through from the back of the board, and mounted the dice on the nail, so it appeared to be caught mid-toss. Here's some closer views of it:


  1. That is awesome much joy sparked right there! Caroline

    1. Thanks Caroline. I really love the old board and couldn't bear to see it thrown out.