Monday, May 4, 2015

Shoes for a Hunger Games fan

Thomas had seen an art show on TV in which they personalised plain canvas sneakers. Then we were in Target and saw this (Cue "Mu-umm?!?"):

Next, images were printed from the internet and stencils were cut from Contact adhesive plastic (good for stencils as it sticks to fabric and helps prevent bleeding a little).

 Stick on the stencil, mask the rest of the shoe.

Spray paint. Or sponge on fabric paint. Whatever you have.
Embellish with "puffy paint" (and touch up with a black marker).

Wear with pride.

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  1. These are totally excellent. I used the same mockingjay symbol to do a gold applique on L's tracksuit for the HG party. It turned out pretty well.