Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More inspired card making

After seeing this, at Next to Nicx's inspiring blog:

I knew I had the perfect idea for my Dad's birthday card. And here's how it turned out:

I didn't use Next to Nicx's template as it didn't print correctly for me. Instead I just printed text onto paper (making sure it was the right size for the card I had), put the printing over the card, and made holes through the paper and the card with a needle. I was lucky I had a carpet sample stuck on cardboard as the ideal surface to work on. (Although if you think the lines of text aren't quite level, that's either a trick of the eye, or the fact that I was doing it on my lap, sitting on a bed with two active children. Because when you are living in a one bedroom house with two children, things are bound to slip.) I then started embroidering. I didn't have embroidery thread (like 99% of my possessions, it's in storage), so I used sewing machine cotton, doubled over. And yes, it did take hours. But my Dad liked it!

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