Sunday, September 11, 2011

Austin's Gruffalo birthday party - the food

Readers familiar with "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson will recall that there are a number of references to food in the book, making catering for a Gruffalo party pretty easy....

There's roasted fox
(potato wedges)
and there's scrambled snake
(made into sausage rolls)
there's owl icecream
(idea from My Cake School
via Craft Gossip)

There are also lots of other ideas in the book for turning into food - the Gruffalo's purple prickles (blue corn chips) and poisonous warts (green grapes). The birthday cake showed the story's hero, the mouse, sitting on a log in the deep, dark, wood....


  1. Hi, what brand of cornchips are these and where did you buy them from? Thanks

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I don't recall the brand, but I do recall they were from Thomas Dux, a grocery only on the east coast of Australia, and they were an outrageous $6 a packet! Try health food stores and up-market/gourmet groceries.

  2. Hello! I love the food labels and am not clever enough to make these myself, would you be able to send the designs to me to print off? Thanks!

  3. Hi Nina, go to the "About me" section (top left of this page viewed in a web browser), click on it, and you'll find a link to email me.