Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A pettiskirt for Ayesha

Anneliese is a very dear friend from my mothers' group, who has now moved a long way away. Anneliese does a lot for other people but rarely has time for herself or anything as fripperous as making a pettiskirt for her daughter, Ayesha, so I thought I'd step in.
As nylon chiffon is next to impossible to get in Australia, this was an experiment using a stretch tulle. It wasn't as "pouffy" as chiffon, but it swings beautifully, as illustrated by eldest son here.

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  1. Hi there Bronwyn - came across your site as I am pondering making a pettiskirt for my 3 year old dance-mad daughter. I have read somewhere that Spotlight sell nylon chiffon and call it "fairy floss chiffon" - will be heading out to SL this weekend so will check it out! Thanks for the excellent diagram on your other post (the skirt piece layout) - all those text instructions I have read on other sites make sense now! Kind regards, Christine